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How to complete the daily site hazard acknowledgment & sign into Productions/Locations

Learn how to complete the daily site hazard acknowledgment when signing into Productions/Locations via the SetConnect Mobile App

Please watch the following video on how to complete the Daily Hazard/Risk acknowledgement via the SetConnect Mobile App (0.59)

Read on for step by step instructions …

When you enter a Production/Location you can sign-in using various sign-in methods. These sign-in methods are defined by the owners of the production. The sign-in methods that are available are automatic GPS sign-ins, QR code sign-ins or the Kiosk App. For more information, please see these two articles:

GPS Sign in

QR Code Sign in

Kiosk App sign in

Automatic GPS Sign-ins

With automatic GPS sign-ins, when you enter the geofence boundaries of the location, you will receive a push notification that you entered the location. You can tap on the push notification to open the daily acknowledgment.

Automatic GPS sign-ins will require you to have location services enabled for the SetConnect mobile app.

You can choose between two options namely “Always” and “When in use” location tracking.

If you choose the “Always” option (highly recommended), you will automatically be signed into and out of productions/locations that are configured with geofences.

If you choose the “When in use” option, you will physically need to be inside the geofence boundaries of the production/location and manually open the SetConnect mobile app to be signed in. Have a look at our GPS troubleshooting guide for assistance with identifying automatic sign-in issues.

QR Code Sign-ins

You can sign into productions/locations using QR codes if the productions or locations are configured for it. For more information on this please see this article here.

If you are having issues with scanning QR codes, make sure you have granted the SetConnect App the relevant permissions to use your Camera. 

When you use the SetConnect mobile app to sign into a production by scanning a QR code, you will be signed out of all other locations. Only GPS sign-ins will sign you into multiple locations, especially if they have overlapping geofences.

Completing the daily acknowledgment

Note: The daily site hazard acknowledgment must be completed once a day for the first location entry of the day per location. You will not be required to do this again for any subsequent location visits to the site on the same day.

Once signed in this will then bring up the Daily Site Hazard Acknowledgement which must be acknowledged in order to complete the sign in process. Read and familiarise yourself with the hazards/riks, then click the Tap to Complete Sign In button to complete the Sign in process.

If you do not complete the Daily Site Hazard Acknowledgement you will receive an email reminder/push notification 5 minutes after you signed in.  If you still do not complete it the Site Managers will be notified 15 minutes after you have signed in. 

This will being you to the main On Location screen where you can access the on screen options (Safety Meetings, Hazards, Documents etc.)

You will not see the Daily Site Hazard Acknowledgement if you select a Production/Location using the Productions/Locations menu at the bottom of the screen. You have to sign in to view and complete this acknowledgement.

For any more SetConnect issues or questions, please contact our support team by email at support@setconnect.io

Updated on March 1, 2024
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