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After Hours Notifications

If a user is still signed into a Project/Site after the Project/Site’s closing time, they will receive an automatic After-Hours notification from SetConnect advising them to sign out.

How to turn After Hours Notifications off and on

To enable After-Hours notifications go to the Production/Location Tab and select the relevant Production/Location by clicking on Edit to the right

To turn the After-Hours notifications on or off go to the Details Tab and Toggle the Enable after hours notifications button to the left to turn them off (grey) or to the right to turn them on (pink). 

To select the time period that the After Hours notifications are sent to the Production Managers/Account Administrators go to the Settings Tab on the right-hand side.  Then go to the After-Hours notifications section.  Then select the time period you want by clicking on the drop-down arrow (you can select from 5 minutes to 75 minutes).  Click on Save to change the setting.

You can also turn the After Hours notifications on and off from here by clicking in the tick box to the left of the Enable after hours notification for this production/location paragraph.

Notification received by the User

If a user is still signed into a Production/Location after a Production/Location’s closing time, they will receive an automatic after hours notification from SetConnect advising them to sign out.  The first one will be sent 30 minutes after the closing time and the second one will be sent 60 minutes after the closing time if they still haven’t signed out of the Production/Location.

This notification will list all of the Production/Locations that they are still signed into (if there are multiple). This information will include the Production/Location name, the Address and the Close Time of that Production or Location.

If the SMS Message feature is turned on for your account then the After hours notifications will be sent via Text Message.  If not turned on then they will be sent via email and push notification. Please contact support to turn SMS Messages on.

To manually sign out of a Production/Location once a user has left site, the user can open their SetConnect App and click on the Production/Location underneath the Production/Locations (Onsite) drop-down at the top of the Home page.

This will take them to the Production/Location they are signed in to and the user can then click on Sign out of Production/Location to manually sign out.

If the user is still on the Production/Location and has scanned the QR code to sign into the Production/Locaation, they can scan that same QR code again using the Scan QR button within the app to sign out.  If they have used their phone camera they can scan the QR code again and select the Sign-Out Form option as per below screenshot.

If the user has signed in via the GPS geofence and hasn’t been automatically signed out, then they may need to check their GPS App Permission settings for SetConnect.  For more information on GPS settings please click here.

Notification received by the Site Manager/Account Administrators

If users are still signed into site after a Production/Location’s closing time, then the Production Manager(s) of that Production/Location (or all Account Administrators if no Production Managers have been appointed) and the contractor administrators that the user works for will receive a notification, which can be set to be sent between 5-75 minutes after the closing time,  and a list of the relevant users that are still signed into site. 

If the SMS Message feature is turned on for your account then the After hours notifications will be sent via Text Message.  If not turned on then they will be sent via email. Please contact support to turn SMS Messages on.

The After-Hours notification will list the Name of the person(s), the Company they work for, their email address and their mobile phone number.

It is recommended that you make contact with the user and check they are safer.  If not on site they can Manually sign themselves out through the App OR an Administrator can sign them out by going to the Currently Onsite Records page from the Dashboard within the web portal and signing them out from there.

For any SetConnect issues or questions please contact us at support@setconnect.io

Updated on March 19, 2024
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